Lauren Zussman
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This website has been created in the memory of our loved one, Lauren Zussman, January 31, 1982 - May 26, 2008.

We will forever remember her spirit, energy and the sound of her laughter. The day of her passing, marked the eighth anniversary of the near death experience, which led to her sobriety.

Through strength and inspiration, Lauren spent those years as a role model, mentor, friend and guiding light to those around her.

Feel free to contribute pictures, comments, or messages and help to keep Lauren's memory, as lively as her smile.

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Tributes and Condolences
Mother  / Moomy (Moomy)
As your 31st birthday approaches, my heart aches for you -everyday. You are in or hearts and will never be forgotten. The world is a better place because of all the people you have touched.
Moomy  / Moomy (Moomy)
Missing you everyday, sweet Lauren. I carry you in my heart every day. Thanks for being there for your sister. Thank you for throwing us the rope. Love you forever - Moomy    
Thinking of you Lauren always...   / Jessica Stonich (Best Friend )
You are always with me Lauren... Every time I put a flower in my hair I think of you and I feel your beautiful smile. There's really not a day that goes by that I don't think of you or feel you with me. It's different now not physically having you h...  Continue >>  / Tana Sherwood (family friend )
Dear sweet Lauren, I can hardly believe today marks one year since we received the tragic news of losing you. Your commitment to personal growth and helping others only intensified every time we spoke over the last several years. God used you in ...  Continue >>
Fond and loving memories   / Penny Middlemiss (Modeling Agent Calabasas )
  Lauren was always very special and dear to my heart.  She joined the Rage Team when she was just a teanager and was successful right from the start.  She was an all time favorite Model with our clients especially Lucky Brand and work...  Continue >>
Mother / Moomy Z. (Moomy)    Read >>
Moomy / Moomy (Moomy)    Read >>
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Moomy / Lynda Z. (Mother)    Read >>
Moomy / Moomy Z. (Moomy)    Read >>
Mother / Moomy Z. (Moomy)    Read >>
Mother of Lauren  / Moomy (mom)    Read >>
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Moomy / Moomy (mother)    Read >>
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